Classic Leather

Brilliance Leather    

                 Brilliance Starry Night

Class: Aniline Dyed


Finish: Enhanced W/A Subtle Pearl Essence


Note: Expect Natural Characteristics Such As Healed  Scars


         Available Colors:

  Bronze Champagne Opal Smokey Pearl Starry Night  

Caprieze Leather    

Caprieze Denim

Class: Aniline


Finish: Gorgeous wax crackle leather with unique oil and wax treatment to create the dramatic crackle effect.

Note: Natural characteristics such as healed scars, insect bites and neck wrinkles will be visible but blend with the natural look of Caprieze.


         Available Colors:

  Average Brown  Coal Haze Copper Glaze Denim    
  Healthy Glow Old Mill Salute Red Wigwam    

Everest Leather    


Class: : Full Grain, Full Aniline  


Finish: Wax Tannage


Note: Buffalo Hides


         Available Colors:

  Charcoal Tobacco        


Stallone Leather    

               Stallone Branch

Class: Aniline Dyed


Finish: Uniquely rustic, Drum dyed, hand sanded


Note: Accented by natural markings that mother nature supplied



         Available Colors:

  Black Moss  Bogey Brown Branch Fossil    
  Grey Plank Rawhide Relic Timber